Fake tattoos
with your own design

98 SEK per sheet

How to make your own faketattoos:

Upload an image and choose your width in cm to see how many tattoos you get on a sheet that is approximatly 20x15 cm.

Our fake tattoo sheets

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The more you buy, the bigger discont you will get. Our stair of discounts gives you chap fake tattoos:1 sheets gives you 0 SEK discount, 2 sheets gives you 6 SEK discount, 3 sheets gives you 12 SEK discount, 4 sheets gives you 32 SEK discount, 5 sheets gives you 40 SEK discount, 6 sheets gives you 78 SEK discount.

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Questions and answers

Which files works to upload?

We recommend file format jpg. Keep in mind that the better the quality and size of the picture has the better quality you get on the result. Everything that is white in the image becomes transparent on your skin, so there is no worries that it will be a white box even if it looks like it on your computer.

How big is a sheet of fake tattoos?

Our sheets on Like ink is approximately 20x15 cm.

Do I need to mirror the picture?

No. It's true that the picture must be mirrored to get right on the skin, but we take care of it. Just upload the image as you like it :)

How do you apply the fake tattoo to your skin?

Cut out the tatto from your sheet.
Remove the transparent cover.
Place your tattoo on your skin.
Press on your tattoo with a wet sponge.
Carefuly remove the paper.

Do you have further questions read more below.

Is it possible to make a sheet with different pictures?

Of course. But you have to make the collage of images your self. We can recommend Photocollage.com if you don´t have any computer software. When you are done. Just upload it as usual here at like ink and choose maximum width to fill the sheet width your collage.

Do you need more images? Have a look at nobacks.com or freetattoodesigns.org eller freepik.com.

How fast is like ink shipping?

Our sheets will usually ship within 2-5 days depending how big order you place. If we get delayed we will contact you.

For how long do a temporary tattoo last?

Depending on where you choose to put your tattoo and how you take care of it, our temporary tattoos last for about 1-5 days.

The tattoo needs a few hours to adhere properly to the skin. Take extra care during that time. Avoid showering directly after applying the tattoo.

Hot water can cause damages to the tattoo. A normal shower usually work fine, though. However, be careful especially after a shower or wipe the tattoo with a towel.

How do I get a temporary tattoo to last longer?

Apply your tattoo in a place that is clean, dry and free of hair. Avoid applying the tattoo in the folds or where the skin moves. Avoid dirt or friction. Remember that clothes often give off dust that gladly settle on your tattoo. Try to avoid soap, ointments, etc.

How do I remove the shine on my tattoo?

When applying the tattoo you can see a shiny surface. The gloss often disappear by itself after a few hours when the tattoo has adapted to the skin. If you want to remove the gloss at once there is some tricks.

Different skin types react differently. You can try to apply some hand sanitizer on the tattoo. This can damage the tatto, so be careful and you will get a more realistic look. You can also try to dry the tattoo with a hairdryer or take on talcum powder to reduce the shine.

How do I remove a tattoo?

A temporary tattoo disapear over time, but you might want to remove it in advance. You can wash off the tattoo with alcohol or oil (cooking oil works but shower or baby oil works best). Alcohol can be effective, but dries out the skin, so do not forget to lubricate the skin afterwards.

You can also remove a temporary tattoo by putting a piece of tape over the tattoo and snatch away the tattoo like a patch.

Do you have further questions? contact us!

About Like ink

Like ink is a webshop for those who want to buy fake tattoos with their own design. Our sheets are approximately 20x15 cm (A5). You simply upload any picture, photo or illustration and place your order. Or you can just choose one of our ready made sheets.

We have free shipping for all orders within Sweden, but even shipping abroad is cheap and you pay easy and secure through Payson by credit card, internet banking or invioce.

Place you order as a company, organization or for private use. Easy and affordable. And the more sheets you buy, the bigger your discount will grow. You are welcome to contact us for further information if you have any questions.

We have noticed that our product is not only a fake tattoo. Our Tattoos are a great way for businesses to be seen in a way that is fun and innovative. Spread your company's logo as temporary tattoo to employees, customers and suppliers at your next event, buisness fair or Christmas party! The tattoos are often widely circulated on social media wich is good marketing for you.

Like ink started in February 2015 by members from the company actionbolaget.se when we realized that it was difficult to find a service to design our own temporary tattoos.

Always read our terms & conditions before placing your order.

Likeink.se is own by: Actionbolaget PerGustav AB, 556811-6825, BOX 17186, 200 10 MALMÖ. Tel. 072-502 96 57

// Like ink crew.

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You always have 14 days right of withdrawal on our stocked products. When purchasing custom made goods you forfeit the right of withdrawal when we start the production of your custom made temporary tattoos.

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