Flash ”Adults Suck” by Matt Machine at Straydogs Tattoo

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Like Ink’s ready-to-use sheets with fake tattoos are approximately 20×14 cm in size and filled with the design you see in the picture. We print and ship your sheet with these stylish tattoos within 24 hours after you have ordered. The tattoos look good, are of high quality, and are easy to apply and wash off. Like Ink complies with all legislation for cosmetic products in the EU, so you can feel safe when ordering fake tattoos from us.

Order fake tattoos designed by the tattoo artist, Mattias AKA Matt Machine

This sheet is designed by the awesome tattoo artist ”Matt Machine”, an experienced and highly popular tattoo artist based in Kungälv. Really fun to offer art from this super cool tattoo artist!

This is Mattias Andersson AKA Matt Machine:

My name is Mattias Andersson AKA Matt Machine A nickname I got for fun from the guys at Sick Boys Tattoo, after I tattooed for over 15 hours non-stop once at an anniversary party in my studio. I kept the nickname 😊 it suits me.

Who am I? Well – I’m almost 41 years old. I’m married, have two children, a dog, and two cats. Drive a Volvo station wagon and live in a house. Living the Svensson life with soccer practices and everything that comes with it. But I’m not that much of a ”Svensson” type myself, but luckily, one can always do their thing in their ”boy’s room” which in my case is the tattoo studio. There you always feel like a hand in a glove. There, everyone fits in and everyone is welcome!!!

I’ve had a private studio for about 12 years now. Where I only tattoo by appointment, no drop-in. I have loved tattoos since I was 6 years old and am grateful for all the customers who continue to come, both those who live in the municipality, and those who fly from far and wide to get marked with my ink. All customers are important. Small name tattoos as well as large back projects. I do everything I feel I can handle! After all, I am a tattoo artist. If you want a big black dot that covers half your thigh, fine by me.
It feels like I’m fortunate, but really what one has comes from years of hard work. Building a strong customer base is something that requires work. The tattoo job is not as rock ’n roll as many think. It’s almost a 24/7 job. But the freedom makes up for it. The freedom to be able to choose how and when to work. As well as the fact that I love what I do! Tattoos are simply the best 😂👍

Get in touch with Mattias:
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Gothenburg / Kungälv