Flash ”The Mask” by Kain Toro at Zoi Tattoo

98.00 kr

Our finished disposable sheets with temporary tattoos are approximately 20×15 cm large and filled with the design you see in the picture. To ensure your satisfaction, we will print and send the sheet within 24 hours after you have ordered.

Disposable Tattoos Flash 3 by Cain

This sheet is designed by the talented tattoo artist Kain Toro at Zoi Tattoo.

This is Kain: Super talented tattoo artist from Colombia that works on Zoi Tattoo in Malmö, Sweden. Kain loves black n gray, sculls and rock n` roll. A few years ago, Kain tattooed an anchor on my forearm. I was impressed with how fast he tattooed, how fine the lines became and his sense of details.
We are stoked to offer a few of Kain`s designs as temporary tattoos!

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Zoi Tattoo


Stora Nygatan 42, MALMÖ

Hemsida: https://www.zoitattoo.com